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We Are Connecting Pittsburgh's Premier Partner Network 

412 Venture Fund is building the premier partner network made up of successful entrepreneurs, investors, institutions, researchers, and mentors to fuel the next generation of startups in the Pittsburgh region.

This unique network, which is attracting the who's who of Pittsburgh entrepreneurs, is leveraging our mission, deep relationships, and trust, to create a powerful value proposition for founders and their companies to grow and succeed right here.

If you are interested in being part of the NexGen Venture Ecosystem in Pittsburgh, we would love to talk to you about investing in the future of your family and our community.  Click below to Join Our Network.

We Are Re-Investing to Build the Next-Gen VC Ecosystem

Pittsburgh is attracting major tech companies and top-tier VC investors to the rich companies emerging from our region with breakthrough innovations - But the pool of local capital is critically low. 


While it's nice that outsiders recognize our potential, the reality is that when out-of-town funds invest, and the local company succeeds, the wealth created too often leaves, instead of staying here to sustain and grow the financial pyramid for our region, bringing more jobs, more wealth, and seeding new startups as new millionaires are created and re-invest.


That's a missed opportunity for Pittsburgh that 412 Venture Fund is addressing. 

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