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Smart Money - Founders
Who Have Been There

Our Partners have over 100 years of private equity investing and operations experience.  We have personally started, funded, grown and exited multiple companies with a combined valuation in excess of $500M...Right Here in Pittsburgh


But, it wasn't easy! 

Now, we seek to make that road easier for start-up companies and to give back to the city that helped us realize our dreams by partnering with the best-of-the-best in the Pittsburgh region to bring economic, employment, social and personal success to founders, employees, institutions, and re-investing our time, money, first-hand knowledge, contact network and resources in the communities that we love.

What We Are Looking For...



  • Scalable business with unique IP or that changes how the industry works

  • In market, MVP, or in trials

  • Paying customers

  • Seed to Series A

People Clapping


  • Founder led company

  • Founders with a vision

  • Founders on a mission

  • Founders who listen

  • Founders who see value in 412's support

pittsburgh image 2.jpg


  • Companies that identify with Roots, Ties or Bridges to the 'Burgh

  • Companies that get the value of take and give with their communities

  • Companies with a heart as big as our Region

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